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Who we are.

advance52 is Giesecke+Devrient’s change accelerator, its incubator and intrapreneurial discussion partner for external clients and internal employees as well.

Who we are

advance52 changes perspectives as well as processes.

We prove that smart digital business models can be quickly turned into reality and successfully assimilated into the market. That’s why we work out individual solutions by enabling various business stakeholders within our group to utilize the market potential of the digital age.

Our traditional corporate structures offer us a strong foundation for the creation of these ideas, services and products – and verify that a successful change can grow best from the inside, when fueled from the outside.

Reason why.

advance52 operates as a lean and fast organization in a protected space where testing early and failing fast is supported.

Reason why

Composed of internal and external team members, advance52 initiates tangible lighthouse projects that convince and inspire people with fast and visible results

Different business challenges are answered with meaningful products and services, which are handed over into our core organization after successful testing.

We know that the rules of the game are changing continuously and we thrive on that change – aiming to add value to our current portfolio or create new business opportunities. Or even both. We actively support our business sectors to generate additional revenue and kick-start digital innovation in a rapid, start-up-like manner.

What we do.

We build “Minimum Viable Products”: we offer products and solutions with just enough features to meet customers’ needs, and to provide feedback for future development.





Reason why

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What we do

We combine customer needs and problem solving. To do this, we identify pain points, build prototypes to ask the right questions and receive valuable customer answers.

We gain customer insights and improve the product iteratively, with and for the customers’ benefit. We manage and apply the complete innovation process, following the path from user research to problem analysis to prototypes and testing. A systematic design thinking approach allows us to identify, validate and prototype digital business models – until we can hand over a proven minimum viable product to the respective business sector where it’s brought to market. Because viable always means you can sell it.


Our Philosophy.

Digitalization is a game changer, it constantly and rapidly revolutionizes how we work, live, consume, and think.

Our Philosophy

It brings a rise in market creation and participation.

We thrive on that change. We are shifting gears through our demanding process, which is a challenge. Because products and services and users’ interpretations are increasingly intertwined and connected.

That’s where we at advance52 quickly identify and create opportunities to innovate, applying the rules of design thinking. An approach that stretches from analysis and reframing to user research, ideation and visualization, testing and implementation.

Our Model.

We aim for business. We encourage our clients to embrace disruption by setting up innovation capacities for executing promising ideas.

Our Model

Disruption doesn’t mean destruction. It rather means finding answers and seeing blind spots.

A find and seek approach that we tackle with G+Ds different business sectors by constantly exploring new disciplines and evolving our offerings to best meet our customers’ needs.

We manage and apply the innovation process from user research to creating relevant products and services. Our lean startup process then allows us to hand back the market ready solution to the business sectors. Besides the additional revenue, our model generates an additional and innovative mindset: digital, change-driven, strategically led.



We are thinkers, consultants, designers, explorers using digital ideas and technologies in a team-led spirit of research and building.

Our Team

Our core team consists of various professions, characters and career paths focused on delivering future solutions.

We believe in technology, talent and know how to find strategic growth opportunities.

It takes years of experience to successfully build and scale new business models. That’s why we rely on Giesecke+Devrient’s product owners, who combine tradition with future. Whose motivation and expertise are the driving force behind our company.

We rely on these people and form innovative teams with them to transform structures, processes and minds. All to empower our clients to be more innovative.



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